Providing IP Providers

IPBreeze delivers project and process management services aimed at companies and organisations that provide Intellectual Property services. The profiles of the companies we work for are industry, private practice, universities, incubators and other companies or organisations that deal with IP matters. You will find a detailed description of our services on our services page.

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Empowering your IP

The ever increasing development of IT applications for the support of administrative (IP) processes, and the need to use those in international professional environments, drives us to deliver services in support of this need, combining a sound IP knowledge with a thorough IT insight.

Improve your efficiency, security and process manageability without the necessity to put a project, process, or IT manager on the payroll. Flexible services for an affordable price to empower your IP.

Additional Services

IPBreeze cooperates with dedicated IP and IT professionals, therewith unlocking a wide range of additional services such as legal IT support, IT services, and Intellectual Property services. This allows us to provide you with tailor-made solutions when needed.

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