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Providing IP Providers

IPBreeze delivers project and process management and support services on the crossroads of Intellectual Property and Information Technology. The scope of our services focuses on organizations that provide Intellectual Property services.

The organisations we work for are industrial companies, private practices and law firms, universities, incubators and the like. You can find a detailed description of the scope of our services further down this page.

Empowering your IP

The non-stop development of IT applications, which have become essential to professional IP environments, drives us to deliver those services that support this need, uniting sound IP knowledge with a profound understanding of IT.

Do you want to improve the manageability of your project and process-output without having to employ yet another project, process or IT manager? We offer flexible services at an affordable price to empower your IP.



IPBreeze was founded in 2012 by intellectual property and IT experts. IPBreeze is based in Belgium, with a second office set to open soon in Germany.

Our extensive experience in IP and IT processes and the supporting software applications (in particular IP management systems) allows us to assist you with acquiring, implementing, maintaining and developing both your core processes and your software.

We work according to the principles of best practice and follow a strict code of conduct. We do not favour any particular system or supplier, which guarantees that our advice is independent and that any selection process is carried out impartially.


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“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”

Guy Kawasaki




In the orientation phase we establish your requirements and constraints and define the project parameters. Subsequently, we follow our structured acquisition approach to come to the best solution to suit your needs.

We also oversee the implementations and remain firmly in the project driver’s seat until delivery. We act as the interface between you and the supplier or suppliers and can provide you with project resources in the event that extra hands and/or expertise are required.

After go live, in the continuous support phase, we assist you where necessary with the further development and maintenance of your system(s) and related processes.

Finally, we provide functional and technical assistance for possible customizations you might have to implement, such as interfaces between several systems.

Project Management

A well-managed project increases efficiency, inspires the project team and end-users, allows for flexibility, increases risk awareness and will result in improved output quality and quantity overall.

Our project managers strive to achieve a balance between maximum result and minimal overhead. We therefore apply project methodologies (such as PRINCE2 and PMI) as guidelines and not as binding frameworks.

We cater to the acquisition and implementation of IP management systems, document management systems, content management systems, online filing platforms, inventor logbook systems and other IP related IT systems.

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Project Support

Your project members perform vital tasks when it comes to achieving project milestones and objectives. Their responsibilities are inextricably tied to the success of the project, which is why it is crucial that sufficient resources are allocated to guarantee successful project delivery.

We provide complementary project support in the form of software (beta) testing, configuration and administration of IP Management and other systems, performing data analysis and data integrity tasks, portfolio imports, etc.

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Process Management

Balancing efficiency and accuracy is our primary objective in providing process management services. This translates into setting up/reorganising/streamlining administrative IP processes (automating/digitising annuities, validations and national phase processes, document flow, invoicing, etc.).

When your internal work flows need to be re(defined) we combine your input with best practice experiences, all due-care principles and national/regional/international (IP) legislative requirements.

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Process Support

It is a common occurrence that insufficient time is or can be allotted to drafting and maintaining procedures and work descriptions. Your procedures must be kept up to date in order to stimulate the uniformity and coherence of administrative tasks and to support restoring procedures.

Drafting policies, procedures and work descriptions from the perspective of ‘all due care’, as well as developing IT governance procedures, are tasks that we gladly support you with.

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